MADtastic! Fresh Design From Madrid

Yes, very fresh indeed. Haven't you heard about it yet? Don’t worry. The design editor of Neo2 magazine, Javier Abio, and its editor-at-large, Tachy Mora, are here to tell you what is happening in the exciting product design scene of Madrid.

From 10 April to 31 May, the Instituto Cervantes of Milan is hosting the exhibition MADtastic! Fresh Design From Madrid, a collection of pieces of furniture and accessories that gathers the most interesting product design works made in recent months in the capital of Spain, both by big or emerging companies and designers from the city or foreigners who have developed a project of any relevance. The cutting-edge publication from the capital of Spain, Neo2 magazine, along with the designers association of Madrid, Dimad, and the Istituto Europeo di Design of the city have teamed up to put together an exhibition that highlights the creative moment that the city is embracing. A rather unknown metropolis, but at the same time a famous city for its lively nightlife and friendly people from many places of Spain itself and also from the rest of the world. In reality it is difficult to find a truly authentic 'gato', translated as 'cat', which is the slang used for those born and bred in Madrid. In the past two years, the Spanish capital has flourished. It seems that both the real gatos and those adopted ones refuse to be defeated by the economical crisis. On the one hand, it is said that the crisis has driven forward this creative boom, since there is a need to develop more creative and competitive enterprises to survive. On the other hand, some people think that it is caused just because of a better educational system. Both theories could be right, as they are complementary.

In fact, schools and universities of Madrid are actually offering a better education, and they are launching emerging talents as well. Some of them settle, and even set their own studio up in Madrid. Others leave after tasting the city, but at the same time they leave a trace on their people. The cultural exchange has lately increased considerably as a result. This is why MADtastic! Fresh Design From Madrid has also the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) of Madrid as a promoter, including a selection of recent projects from its international Master of Design and Innovation, run by the renowned designer Jaime Hayon (a genuine cat, by the way). The curators of the exhibition are Tachy Mora, an independent journalist specialising in design, and Javier Abio, design editor of Neo2 magazine. They have been in charge of searching carefully for those emerging people and cutting-edge works, which are also the most distinctive features of the articles usually released in this legendary magazine from Madrid founded in the early nineties. The compendium ranges from very technological pieces to craft objects; some already have international distribution, others are new prototypes waiting to be discovered. Do not miss it. Instituto Cervantes of Milan, Via Dante, 12. Opening hours, from Monday to Friday: 15.00 – 19.00 hrs.

Arista chair (2012)

Designed by Diana Vernaza (prototype).

A visually lightweight design and besides extremely humble in its aesthetics. Arista is made of solid beechwood and revises the archetypal form of a chair, leaving it as much simple as possible.

Diana Vernaza

Born and raised in Ecuador, Diana Vernaza arrived in Madrid in 2009 to complete her education in product design at the Istituto Europeo di Design. Her style is characterized by the use of natural materials and a strong desire to simplify forms

LivingBlock Dressing Table (2012)

Designed by Antonio Serrano Bulnes for Mad Lab

Simple dressing table from the LivingBlock collection, products designed not only in a plain and direct fashion but also with the determination of providing a sustainable asset so that, for example, it completely lacks of iron fixings.

Antonio Serrano Bulnes

Founder and creative director of the design editions brand Mad Lab, to which he contributes with his expertise in management, development and design knowledge. This company also has an exhibition space called Mad Gallery in the downtown of Madrid.

Solid Spin Lamps (2012)

Designed by Johanna Tammsalu. IED Madrid - Masters of Design and Innovation.

Fascinated with the shapes that could be created by simply spinning everyday objects, these lamps arise by spinning keys, shoes and sunglasses around its own axis and then an axis of the designer's choice. Made in ceramics.

Johanna Tammsalu

Born in Estonia and educated in Advertising in London, Johanna Tammsalu arrived to Madrid in 2012 to take the Master of Design and Innovation from IED, where she lives and works today as a fashion designer for National Geographic.

C’up. Your Choice On Top! (2012)

Designed by Ana Hernando, Elegante version.

A single reversible glass covering two needs. Specially designed to have a coffee, C'up provides in one piece the choice of a with or without milk cup in a perfect measure just by turning it upside down. Crafted in glass.

Ana Hernando

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Ana Hernando works on sculpture, painting and design. She recently has created this original dual-use glass made in collaboration with glass crafters, which she sells on her own.

Catch chair (2012)

Designed by Jaime Hayon for &Tradition.

A flexible and comfortable shape that would adjust to various body types with its modern and inviting form. Ergonomically designed with a high backrest, it can be used either in casual settings or workspaces.

Jaime Hayon

After studying industrial design in Madrid and Paris, besides five years as design director at Fabrica, this designer from Madrid is one of the most influential creators of our times. He is the head of the Master of Design and Innovation at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid.

Gravity office table (2012)

Designed by Roberto Ortiz de Landázuri for Imasoto

A strong top board, in contrast to the lightness of its supports. Gravity is a wooden table with white lacquered steel trestles and additional shelves or carved pots that allow its customization and integration in a home office.

Roberto Ortiz de Landázuri

After graduating from the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) in 2010, this young architect won with the Gravity table the first edition of the contest AVP Architect View Products launched by Imasoto. He has just founded his own practise in Madrid, Architectureyes.

Pájaros collection (2012)

Designed by Carlos Bueno Rivero. IED Madrid - Masters of Design and Innovation.

Inspired by the Vueltiao hat originally from the North Colombian Caribbean, each of the pieces of this set of accessories are made in ceramics and they have been crowned by a sort of Vueltiao hat handmade in the local cane called Flecha.

Carlos Bueno Rivero

Educated as an architect at the Universidad Piloto of Bogotá, he had worked in the studios of Daniel Bonilla and Giancarlo Mazzanti as well as in Oficina de Proyectos Urbanos in his native Colombia. In 2012 he arrived in Madrid to take the Master of Design and Innovation from IED.

Oltu fridge (2012)

Designed by Fabio Molinas. IED Madrid - Masters of Design and Innovation.

A new concept of fridge that keeps fruits and vegetables better and for a longer time through ceramic containers that use the heat emitted from the refrigerator in the bottom to provide the ideal temperature and humidity for these foods.

Fabio Molinas

Educated between Italy and Portugal as an industrial designer, the Italian Fabio Molinas arrived in Madrid in 2011 to join Kwamura-Ganjavian studio. In 2012 he won the scholarship that would allow him to join the Master of Design and Innovation from IED Madrid.

Podium candleholder (2013)

Designed by Jorge de la Cruz and Diana Vernaza for La Chance.

Made of lacquered Ash wooden rods and a set of copper pipes, either in a rounded or straight shape. By putting all these pieces together, a stable triangulated structure emerges as a base. This structure allows holding up to three candles.

La Chance, Jorge de la Cruz & Diana Vernaza

Podium is a project developed by Jorge de la Cruz and Diana Vernaza during their product design education at the Istituto Europeo di Design of Madrid. It has been recently included by the French brand La Chance in its new collection for 2013.

Tray office table (2012)

Designed by Pedro Feduchi for Imasoto

Versatile office table that fits both in contract and in home spaces, not only because of its clean lines and functional features but also for its warm touches such as its wicker separator panels.

Pedro Feduchi

Doctor of Architecture from the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM). He combines his teaching with a studio in Madrid where he develops works of architecture and design, such as this table designed for Madrid based company Imasoto.

Reversed Volumes bowls (2013)

Designed by mischer’traxler for PCM Design.

A Collection of bowls shaped by capturing the imprint of a fruit or a vegetable. Made in a resin for the food industry, Reversed Volumes were created by Foodmarketo and now they are available on the market through the brand from Madrid PCM Design.

PCM Design & mischer’traxler

The Viennese duo including Katharina Mischer and Thomas Trax is the latest addition to the new brand from Madrid managed by architect Paloma Cañizares PCM Design, which so far has also worked with Thomas Kral or Dunja Weber.

Dividings shelving (2012)

Designed by Raúl López de la Cerda. IED Madrid - Masters of Design and Innovation.

The aesthetics of this shelving is inspired by a dividing situated in 819s Wabash Avenue (Chicago), considering these kind of walls as an interesting composition left after the demolition of a building, where rooms that once were private get exposed.

Raúl López de la Cerda

Originally from Ciudad de México, where he is actually based today, Raúl got his degree in industrial design at the Universidad Anahuac with honours. In 2012 he temporarily moved to Madrid to take the Master of Design and Innovation from IED.

Woodroll lamp (2012)

Designed by Valentín Sanz (prototype).

A lamp inspired by the shape of the socket cable reels that can be used either on a table or on the ground, provided with a long and eye-catching textile cable in red or black colour that allows multiple locations within a room.

Valentín Sanz

With a degree in Architecture from the Universidad Europea of Madrid, in 2010 he created liquenLAV, a small office and workshop where he develops his work as an architect and designer. His pieces are characterized by its simplicity and by being able to provide the user with a variety of functional options.

Jubilación en el Mediterráneo Crockery (2012)

Designed and made by Chichinabo.

A painted crockery with the usual images of a retiree in the Spanish Levante coast, going fishing, sunbathing and playing bocce or dominoes. The illustrations show as well the peculiar buildings of the Spanish coast.

Chichinabo Inc.

Founded in Madrid by Patricia Lázaro and Miguel Sánchez Lindo in 2011, this brand specialising in home accessories in ceramics or textiles highlights subjects and aesthetics of the old days through caustic illustrations.

Reverie lamp (2012)

Designed by Sergio Guijarro. IED Madrid - Masters of Design and Innovation.

Made up of 25 metal thin rods, this lamp switches on by touching the metal structure, whose form has been taken from a minimalist random geometry, that can be borrowed from any object. A design that makes the most of the voids as well.

Sergio Guijarro

After being educated as a product designer at the Istituto Europeo di Design of Madrid, Sergio Guijarro continued his learning by joining the Master of Design and Innovation. His work combines craftsmanship and design, as a sort of conceptual crafts.

Butakita chair (2012)

Designed by Antonio Serrano Bulnes for Mad Lab

Armchair with a strongly geometric appearance that resembles an origami exercise. Made entirely of wood ash or beech, its ergonomics was taken into a deep consideration and as a result it is highly comfortable.

Antonio Serrano Bulnes

Founder and creative director of the design editions brand Mad Lab, to which he contributes with his expertise in management, development and design knowledge. This company also has an exhibition space called Mad Gallery in the downtown of Madrid.

Grid table set (2012)

Designed by Valvanera Arrieta. IED Madrid - Masters of Design and Innovation.

Intriguing set of 11 pieces featuring salt shaker, pepper shaker, oil and vinegar bottles, containers for napkins and cutlery, vases, trays and pitchers. Each of the pieces have been designed so they can fit together regardless of their position.

Valvanera Arrieta

Educated as Industrial Engineer, she later specialised in graphic design and digital animation, moving to cities like Milan and London in order to get such learning. Her deep identity as a comprehensive designer led her in 2012 to take the Master of Design and Innovation from IED Madrid.

Ka S table lamps (2012)

Designed by Daniel García and Mª José Vargas for Woodendot.

Set of table lamps handmade in beechwood, boasting a gorgeous detail in leather at the beginning of its tilted mast. The rounded wooden base can also be used as a tray to leave small objects.p>


A new company that designs and produces furniture and home accessories, combining natural materials with a clean and sustainable design. Daniel García and Mª José Vargas are the people behind this brand, with a studio in Madrid and a handmade production in Valladolid.

Parras collection (2013)

Designed by Pablo Limón (prototype).

Lamps and glasses inspired by the traditional technique of making wine barrels. When storing wine, the slats get soaked up and expand, creating a compression between each module that prevents fluid loss.

Pablo Limón

After being educated in graphic design at the Istituto Europeo di Design of Madrid, Pablo Limón became specialised as self-taught in designing and product spaces. He currently works internationally from his studio in Madrid, being wood his main means of expression.

Chai tea set (2012)

Designed by Nikita Bhate. IED Madrid - Masters of Design and Innovation.

Chic tea set composed of glasses of different shapes and patterns, a teapot as well as sugar and milk pots made ​​in porcelain, besides a wooden seat or side table and a metal tray for easy transport and service.

Nikita Bhate

Born in India, she came to Madrid to take the Master of Design and Innovation from IED in 2012. Her Chai tea set led her to join the International Design Pool Program of Vista Alegre in Portugal, the company involved in developing its commercialization.

Carrello trolley (2013)

Designed by CiszakDalmas for La Clínica Design.

Trolley for commercial or domestic spaces to show objects such as books, magazines, plants, accessories... Made through CNC in birch plywood with black Formica finish, it is also equipped with a LED lamp.


Madrid based design studio, founded by the Italian Alberto Gobbino Ciszak and Andrea Caruso Dalmas, who after graduating from the Polytechnic of Turin they took ​​the European Design Labs at IED Madrid. In addition to producing its own collections behind La Clínica label, they also work for companies like Max & Co.

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